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International Islamic University Chittagong Introduction Country Selection: Germany Objective: This group assignment aims to conduct an international market environment study of Germany trading partners of Bangladesh, mainly export destinations, focusing on the • Foreign trade practices of Bangladesh with those trading partners and • Trade barriers against Bangladesh exports to these countries. Methodology: Specific Product Selection: General Trade area. Discussions Country’s marketing environment Geography Area: 357,114 sq. km. (137,846 sq. mi.); about the size of Montana. Cities (2007): Capital--Berlin (population about 3.41 million). Other cities--Hamburg (1.77 million), Munich (1.31…show more content…
The WTO Secretariat report, along with a policy statement by the Government of Bangladesh, will serve as a basis for the trade policy review of Bangladesh that will take place on 2 and 4 May 2000 in the Trade Policy Review Body of the WTO. The report also notes that in the face of severe political difficulties and civil unrest, the government of Bangladesh seems to have lost its impetus for structural reforms. Moreover, devastating floods, combined with infrastructural failings such as power shortages, inadequate port facilities and insufficient energy supplies, led to a sharp drop in export growth - from 17.1% in 1997/98 to 2.9% in 1998/99. The report says that textiles, and particularly clothing, have dominated Bangladesh 's exports, with their combined share growing from 70.4% in 1992 to 83.5% in 1998. These exports have been a principal source of Bangladesh 's economic growth in the 1990s. The exports are destined mostly for the U.S. and European Union markets, to which Bangladesh has privileged access. The report notes that such heavy dependence on a limited number of products makes the Bangladesh economy vulnerable to increased competition from other Asian countries that produce labour-intensive garments, as these countries recover from the recent economic crisis with substantially depreciated currencies. Moreover, the phasing out of preferential access to these
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