Nivea Visage : Brand And Beauty Care Brands

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1. Introduction
The NIVEA brand is one of the most recognised skin and beauty care brands in the world. This is based in Hamburg, Germany. As one of the internationally leading companies for skin care Nivea are close to consumers, offering them compelling, innovative products. Brands enjoy universal trust – from NIVEA, one of the world’s largest skin care brands, to other successful brands such as Eucerin, La Prairie, Elastoplast, Elastoplast Sport and Leuko. With more than 125 years’ experience in skin care and one of the world’s most modern research centres, Beiersdorf stands for innovative and high-quality cosmetic products. Nivea Visage Young, a product range which offers more than just a healthy skin. The healthy skin and care indeed gives full trust to the consumers and meeting our consumers’ individual needs and are considered to be the inventors of modern skin care. However, Nivea aim to do even better in the future, step by step, and to continue the company’s progress sustainably and for the long term. It carries the strength of the NIVEA brand image to the target market of girls aged 13-19. NIVEA VISAGE Young helps girls to develop a proper skin care routine to help keep their skin looking healthy and beautiful. The market can be developed by creating a good product/range and introducing it to the market (product-orientated approach) or by finding a gap in the market and developing a product to fill it (market-orientated approach). Nivea vision is to be the number…
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