Nivea for Men Marketing Assignment

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Assessment 3 Individual Report
The Current Situation of the Sensitive Moisturiser Cream for Men

18th February 2012

Report to David Gordon, DeMontfort University
MARK1500 - Principles of Marketing

Author: Stuart Goddard
Student reference number: P11264753

Word count: 2606

Executive Summary

This report will evaluate the current situation of Nivea for Men’s Sensitive Moisturiser Cream for Men. It will look at the total product concept to see if the moisturiser gives the consumers everything they requires from a moisturiser. This will be followed by segmentation analysis in which the areas of age, usage and socio-economic will be covered. Finally there will be an analysis of how the product is targeted and positioned
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There will also be an examination of how the product is currently targeted and positioned to see if the product is correctly portrayed to its targeted audience.

The report intends to achieve where the Nivea for Men product sits in amongst all of the competition and if it could call itself the market leader in the Men’s Grooming and Shaving Products sector.

Research will include analysis of market reports such as Mintel and Keynote, investigation of public relations information provided by Nivea and Beiersdorf, and also examination of recent journals as to how the Nivea for Men products and brand image are portrayed and perceived by its critics.

2. Total Product Concept

2.1 Core Benefit/Product
Today’s Alpha Male requires a moisturising face cream that not only moisturises the skin but also improves the appearance of their skin as well as the way their skin feels.

2.2 Basic Product
The Nivea for Men has numerous core benefits that include:-

2.2.1 Alleviation of skin dryness and tightness “The extra gentle formula, which contains Chamomile, Shea butter UV filters, immediately alleviates skin dryness and tightness.” (Nivea, 2012; online). It is also designed to help prevent skin irritations such as Razor Burn/Bumps and rashes.

2.2.2 Packaging Design
The product has been intelligently sized to fit into an aftershave environment of any young male. The design of the

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