Nixon : Nixon And Nixon

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“Nixon by Nixon” 1. What were Nixon’s reasons for taping his conversations? Nixon had a couple reasons to tape his conversations. His main reason was to make his administration “the best chronicled in history.” He also explained that there were some instances in which having someone in the room taking notes was neither appropriate nor convenient. By using a recording device, Nixon was able to go back on major meetings and recall all that was said, leaving no room for a gray area. He believed that the positives outweighed the negatives, and the secrecy of the system overrode any objections made by those taped that had privacy concerns. President Nixon relied heavily on the advice of Bob Haldeman, Nixon’s chief of staff. Haldeman stated that the taping was only a secondary benefit, the primary intent being to protect Nixon, stating “to provide tapes for historians to peruse, but for the President 's use alone—for reference when visitors… made statements that conflicted with their private talks with the President.” The reasons Nixon taped his conversations were for both historical reasons and personal reasons. 2. Who participated in the tapes and did they know they were being recorded? The people who participated in the tapes were Henry Kissenger (National Security Advisor), Alexander Haig (Advisor), John Ehrlicman (Counsel), John Mitchell (Attorney General), Bob Haldeman (Chief of Staff), Stephen Bull (Special Assistant), William Rogers (Secretary of State), John Dean

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