No American Of The Right Age Bracket Will Forget What Happened

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No American in the right age bracket will forget what happened on September 11, 2011. It was on of the most devastating days that took place in American history that left our country by shock and in a very vulnerable state. That day 19 men showed up and untimely in a few hours terrorized America in a way we have never seen before. (Dunbar & Reagan,2006 pg x). As a country we did come together for the time being we were united and helped one another because we had no other choice. We didn 't see race, political backgrounds or if the person was rich or poor we saw citizens who were in need and that our country had just been attacked and we needed to help. As for the fight in us quickly did turn into speculations as the first conspiracies theories about 9/11 began to merge while there was still wreckage smoldering. Things were not adding up people started to come up with conspiracy theories even while the wreckage was still smoldering. Today if you look up 9/11 conspiracies millions of web pages will show up. As evidence accumulated that conclusively linked the hijackings to Al Qaeda, people distrust the mainstream media and the government sponsored investigations of 9/11. There have been questions brought out like “ Why did Bush knock down the towers?”. With the United States being known for using their national security as a benefit to con people into being afraid of someone or something and promise protection or emphasize the fact that they will catch or…
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