No Angel

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No Angel By Bernie McGill Death is inevitable and death is a natural part of human life. At some point in our lives, we have or will experience losing an acquaintance. To loose someone you love can be difficult to overcome. The question is how we handle the loss of a loved one. In the short story, “No Angel” Bernie McGill tells about how a woman handle her grief after she has lost her whole family. As written previously, a woman loses her family tragically. The first family member she loses is her seven teen year old little brother, Robbie. He was murdered on a cold December night. After short six months, she loses her mother, who could not bear the grief of losing her only son. The only person, who is left in the woman’s life for…show more content…
At the end of the story, it becomes clear why he shows up, she claims the father’s ghost was looking for the ghost of Robbie and the mother. We are told that the second time she meets her father is on the train on the way to Belfast. “The next time I saw him, I was on the train, on the way to Belfast.”(P.1.l.24) it indicate that the story takes place in Northern Ireland. The story is also during the trouble between Irish people. For example, her father is not pleased that his daughter sees Thomas and there is a special reason why he is against it, for Thomas is protestant and she is catholic. It is not only for that reason it is also because he thought that the people who had killed his son Robbie were protestant. Even though her father is against Thomas, she chooses to stick with him. She thinks her boyfriend reminds her of Robbie. As seen in this quote ’I think it was Thomas’s confidence I fell for. […] If I’m honest, he reminded me of Robbie (P. 5 ll. 161-162). However, in the end of the story we found out that she is no longer in relationship with Thomas. I believe that theirs relationship fell apart because they are opposites. Thomas is confident and independent while she is insecure and dependent. It seem like she is not yet over her fathers’ death. How we react is different from person to person, but in some point in life, we must recognize what has happened and move on. Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go. The text and title fit

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