No Big Secret That The Evangelical Community Essay

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It is no big secret that the evangelical community played a role in Trump’s winning of the election. He had solid Christian support throughout his campaign; at least so it seemed. Obviously, people of all sorts — Christian or not — Republican or not — were frustrated at the lack of options. I understand. I was one of them. People were also rightly concerned about Hillary. They were left with a choice of either Armageddon or slow rot. Much was at stake — especially the Supreme Court. I was in a unique place of one who has just discovered that the candidate I might have begrudgingly voted for voted for was, in fact, The Antichrist; a scenario that elevates such decisions to another dimensional reality. After I had shared my thoughts regarding Trump with several Christians supporting him, I often got the question posed to me: “Well, who do we vote for?” As far as I was concerned, the vote was already cast. I knew the outcome. I would often tell people, “If you want to vote for Trump, vote for Trump. You will be voting for the winner.” The voting thing for me was not much of an issue because Trump’s win was predestined.
Revelation 17 speaks of the religious component of The Whore of Babylon; a last-days religious system temporarily in bed with the beast (The Antichrist). Since Rev. 17 is focused primarily on the whore and not on The Antichrist, I will not be going verse by verse as I did in chapter 13.
Revelation chapter 3:15-22 is a letter from Christ to the church of
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