No Chance Against Society Essay

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No Chance Against Society Throughout this world of unique individuals, the majority of human beings have generally conformed into different societal norms that follow one path and one dream without stopping to think of an alternative path. Complications step in front of individual prosperity and these obstacles spring from the pressures of the popular society. Within the short story, "A Hunger Artist", by Franz Kafka, the author proves and disproves a point best stated by Robin George Collinwood, that; "Perfect freedom is reserved for the man who lives by his own work and in that work, does what he wants to do." The protagonist, within this short story, freely chooses his career path as a hunger artist, but as the story continues, the…show more content…
In the artist's quest for superiority, he uses his suffering to produce a feeling more intense and emotional than his audience. Eventually, the audience loses interest in the hunger artist and is able to easily glimpse at the anguish and happily move past it. This combination of dependency, need for support, and feeling of superiority signifies the hunger artist's endless dissatisfaction with himself. The society subconsciously pushes the hunger artist into a vicious cycle of suffrage as he continues to do what he claims to love, ultimately resulting in societal dominance. The hunger artist, at best, is in complete control over is pain and hunger as he exercises his free will to do what he chooses. Throughout the story, the hunger artist proves time and time again to be a living contradiction. At one point, the artist admits that fasting is easy, but at the end he confesses that he was simply never able to find any food he liked; "For he alone easy it was to fast," "But you shouldn't admire it...because I couldn't find the food I liked (Kafka)." The hunger artist is constantly alienated from the world and is never accepted by society. Metaphorically speaking, the act of fasting represents suffrage and an abused free will. Had the world been more compliant to this unique profession, the hunger artist would not have suffered and good could have sparked from all this. As the society moves in one direction, the one that chooses to take the path less
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