No Child Left Behind Act

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The education system is deeply flawed. It does not fight social injustice, but rather exacerbates the issue. The majority of people in the U.S are blind to the fact that there are still inequities within the education system, much less everyday life. A system based on standardized test scores inadvertently oppresses poor people. The Governments ' decision to judge a schools ' success by its test scores evidently created a faucet of running water for systematic oppression. The flowing water of oppression floods poor schools; drowning students with dreams, and giving no mercy. The only ones safe from the water are the privileged, who are oblivious to the fact that it exists. George Bush 's "No Child Left Behind Act," which passed in 2002, mandated annual standardized testing in math and reading. If schools received insufficient scores, they were punished or shut down. This fueled the construed concept that a school is only doing well if the students have adequate test scores. Rachel Aviv 's "Wrong Answer" dove deep into a cheating scandal at Parks Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia. It begins with Damany Lewis, he was a teacher at Parks Middle School. Through the reading it’s made abundantly clear that his life passion was teaching the kids. He was a phenomenal teacher, Aviv writes: He told students to dump their laundry into the back of his pickup truck, so that he could wash it for them, and encouraged them to sleep at his house when their mothers were absent or high. (Few

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