Essay on No Child Left Behind Act (Nclb)

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No Child left Behind Act (NCLB)

In 2002, President Bush signed into law No Child Left Behind Act, to ensure that every state is testing every child. ( Students from culturally, and linguistically backgrounds, expanding access to tutoring, help parents to get information in time for their children. Our children must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to compete in the global economy. (Judy,R.,Reading in content,2006)
It is important to be aware of cultural mismatch and prejudice and its effects on your students academic performance and cultural identities. The use of assessment materials and procedures should be selected and used so that they do not show discriminate
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Some tips or techniques that can be used to tutor students could be; show a video clip of the related topic, listen to a song about the topic, make connections by reading or talking about a personal experience. Sometime photographs will pull the reading lesson into focus for the struggling student. Before and during tutoring, the teacher could use scaffolding, scaffolding means supporting students before, during, and after they read. It means providing enough help so students can succeed wit ha task that otherwise would be impossible. (
When teachers start to noticing the students getting behind or perhaps just not keeping up with the level of each subject, then the parents need to be contacted. Parents need to get the information they need in time. School officials, all that are evolved with the students, should make sure parents receive proper and timely notice of their tutoring and choice options, and school districts will be allowed to use the funds from Federal grants to help sponsor needed outreach camp signs. There are comprehensive planning teams, all formed through the NCLB Act, to make decisions about the strengths and challenges of students and provide appropriate services to students and their families.
Teachers should meet periodically with families to explain the program and to share information on student's progress. Even though its
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