Essay on No Child Left Behind Act

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The No Child Left Behind Act
Alexis Cross
His 324
Dr. Stephan Law
February 20, 2010

No Child Left Behind

Outline: 1. Introduction a. What I will be writing about b. Why I chose my topic c. What will be covered 2. The NCLB Act d. How it came to be e. What was proposed f. How it has been enacted 3. The NCLB Act g. Arguments in favor of h. Arguments against 4. Statistics i. How the NCLB Act has had a positive impact on education j. How the NCLB Act has had a negative impact on education 5. Proposal k. Proposals from different resources on how to change the NCLB Act l. The implications of such change m. What is currently
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For this reason, the NCLB act provides a safe harbor provision. This provision states that as long as schools are showing progress, they will not be considered failing. Failing would be if there was no academic progress by any group of students in which
No Child Left Behind Act there is funding for to close academic groups. The NCLB seemed to be a promising act with more highly qualified teachers and accountability, grants and assessment.

Arguments in favor of The goal of the NCLB act is one that almost everyone was in favor of when it was proposed. In politics of the No Child Left Behind Act, Hess and Petrilli state the bipartism support for the act. He gives the statistics of the acceptance. They State that “The U.S. Senate supported the new law 87-10 and the House of Representative endorsed it 381-41. Republics supported the new law 44-3 in the senate and 183-33 in the House” (para.2). People who are in favor of the NCLB act have a reason to be so. They are in favor of it because of the improvements in the test scores that have been seen nationally, the improvements that have been made to the schools now versus when they were ran only by local authorities. Those in favor agree with the idea of increased accountability and that minorities need to have something

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