No Child Left Behind And The Every Student Succeeds Act? Essay

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Q: What understanding do you have of No Child Left Behind and the Every Student Succeeds Act? A: “With Every Student Succeeds, public teachers that do not work at the state level do not know what it is. But since I work on the professional teacher board for the state of Wyoming I have a better knowledge of this act. In Wyoming, No Child Left Behind and Every Student Succeeds is the same concept, there are just words missing and phrases worded differently. The change between the two is also they have replaced have to have the label highly qualified. They are just taking that label away and calling it something different. No Child Left Behind expired so they needed a new thing so the government would look like they were doing something. The only way to feel an impact from the both of them is through standardized teaching. As an elementary teacher it will be different compared to a secondary teacher. In secondary teaching, I feel two thirds of the burden because they look at test scores heavily and see if students are reaching the bar.” Q: Do you think that we will start noticing the impact of Every Student Succeeds in future years? A: “In future years, autonomy is definitely disappearing. Obama went his own way with AARP. For some states, the schools are selling over their basic rights. If states were handed enough money they will take it and then they won’t have their own freedom because the government will be in control. Local control is huge. In future years there will be

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