No Child Left Behind

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“These reforms express my deep belief in our public schools and their mission to build the mind and character of every child, from every background in every part of America.” Pr. George W. Bush. The No Child Left Behind Act has plenty of advantages such as: helping students with disabilities, guiding teachers and parents so that they can help the child, and push the child to succeed.

Students with language disabilities will be at a disadvantage in reading. The No Child Left Behind has provides students with tutors and extra help with homework. President Bush and Congress are spending more on education for our kids to have a better life. 3rd to 8th graders should have annual reading and mathematics testing for the students. If a parent is wanting to know if their child has a learning disabilities they can go for a diagnostic evaluation where the speech-language pathologist can do a simple one way mirror exercise having the child and parent do a activity and see how he reacts to that. Usually that is the best way to receive data for the Speech-Language Pathologist since numerous attempts of themselves trying to interact with the child usually gets nowhere and the data is more likely inaccurate.

The teachers should have the quality to teach better or have a way to teach the students in a way the student will understand. In the No Child Left Behind the school has developed ways for the parents to be more involved for the child such as, including immediate relief for

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