No Child Left Behind

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In the era of President George Bush, the United States of America have changed the way some policies work and it has gone into many wars. Not just physical wars that I am considered about but also wars on education. The nation could destroy its own glory and way of the source of great future that it rely on by initiating a war on the minds of the children. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a federal education policy that was developed in 2001. (Lagana-Riordan and Aguilar 135). NCLB is a program designed to minimize the differences in the level of education that white or rich people get to poor African-American, Hispanic or any other race who have low standards of life. NCLB is basically a program to test students’ performance on reading and math standardized tests. AYP or “adequate yearly progress” is a measurement of how students perform in proficiency tests, is a very important factor in NCLB. If a school fails to record AYP for their students then the school is going to suffer from monetary and organizational sanctions. Or if students repeatedly scored low grades then the teachers and administrations could lose their jobs, or even school shutdown could happen. (Lagana-Riordan and Aguilar 135). So the competition between schools is just based on how students perform in math and reading standardized tests, and the higher the scores are the more the fund that is going to come from the federal government (Koyama 4). Forcing students to ace standardized tests in math and reading,

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