No Child Left Behind Research Essay

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The No Child Left Behind Act should tremendously be re-examined and amended because the focus on the standardized tests decrease the quality of other subjects not on the tests, the tests are not an efficient tool to make certain that a student is receiving an excellent education and the tests create unnecessary stress for the students, teachers and administrators. The purpose of No Child Left Behind is to provide every student with the opportunity to receive a top-grade education. This is a great proposal to strive towards but, legislation plans on achieving this proposal by making schools responsible for their students’ proficiency and to measure their proficiency with the use of standardized tests. After the students take the …show more content…
In other words, Funds are being withdrawn from non-tested subject areas and applied to the tested subjects’ areas, which are math, reading and science, for preparation resources for the exams. Rather, those funds should really be used to hire highly qualified teachers and to purchase and maintain functional equipment for the non-tested subject areas, like the arts. The withdrawal of time spent in a non-tested subject classroom, focusing on that course’s actual content area is another example of the detrimental effect No Child Left Behind has on non-tested content areas. Tina Beveridge, a music professor at Lower Columbia College, quotes Gerber and Gerrity in her article, “No Child Left Behind and Fine Arts Classes”, and states that principles prefer to hire teachers for arts positions, who are trained in the arts and either reading or math (5). Therefore, school leaders want to hire teachers that are dually trained in arts and math or reading, so that those teachers can teach the tested subject matter within the non-tested subjects classroom’s and takes away the time spent on learning those neglected subjects. The No Child Left Behind Act, while having good intentions, is

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