No Child Left Behind Thesis Essay

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No Child Left Behind 1 Running head: NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND The Impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on the K-8 Setting Kara Robertson A Senior Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation in the Honors Program Liberty University Fall 2009 No Child Left Behind 2 Acceptance of Senior Honors Thesis This Senior Honors Thesis is accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation from the Honors Program of Liberty University. ______________________________ Shanté Moore-Austin, Ph.D. Thesis Chair ______________________________ Janice DeLong, M.Ed. Committee Member ______________________________ Connie McDonald, Ph.D. Committee Member…show more content…
In her article “Time to Kill ‘No Child Left Behind’,” Diane Ravitch (2009) explains the consequences if the NCLB requirements are not met: Schools that do not make progress toward the goal of 100% proficiency for every group are subject to increasingly, stringent sanctions. In their second year of failing to make “adequate yearly progress” for any group, failing schools have their students given the choice of leaving to enroll in a better public school. In the third year of a school’s failure, students are entitled to free tutoring after school. In the subsequent years, the failing school may be converted to private management, turned into a charter school, have its entire staff dismissed, or be handed over to the state. (p. 5) The federal government is not taking NCLB lightly. It is serious about each of these consequences and is ready to bring them upon any school that does not make adequate yearly progress. With the increased efforts being made to meet AYP, educators are feeling the pressure and they are becoming very stressed about their jobs. An article by Alvin Granowsky (2008), explains that “schools that have low scores and/or do not show needed improvements in test results, receive negative labels, such as unacceptable, and their teachers and administrators threatened with loss of jobs” (p. 1). Unfortunately, this No Child Left Behind 6 causes teachers to be afraid that if their schools
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