No Child Left Behind is the Way to Get Ahead Essay

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No Child Left Behind is the Way to Get Ahead

There are many students in America today that are struggling to make the grade. These students have not been given all opportunities and chances that they should have been given to be able to reach a higher level of education. Now children have a way to be able to get to the academic level that they rightfully deserve. President George W. Bush has created a plan for the future and a way to get all of our countries students to thrive in the education system and in life. With this initiative, America will be able to close the achievement gap between the Caucasian higher income students, and the lower income minority students. No Child Left Behind is the only way that lower income
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The flexibility of this act also means that the schools will receive more funding in order to accommodate the shuffling of students and the effectiveness of the program. With a program that is willing to make adjustments for the best interest of the student, and their education, how can you go wrong?

From the beginning, teachers have been praising the No Child Left Behind Act, and of course for many great reasons. The government is playing a huge part in this act to ensure that the schools and students will have access to the most money possible to fund this program. After school reading programs will be funded one billion dollars by the government (Delisio). The school districts will also be allotted more money to pay for the training and special aid that teachers will receive in order to teach the students scientifically proven methods in the teaching of reading (Fact Sheet). Although the funds for these programs are coming from the national government, the local school district will still have more control on how the money is spent on the students (Delisio). Another important fact that contributes to the success of the act is that teachers will have to be certified, and pass evaluations to ensure quality (Delisio). Teachers will not have to be concerned about the competency of their coworkers, or worry about

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