No Church In The Wild Analysis

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In 2012, the music video for “No Church in the Wild by Kanye West and Jay-Z featuring Frank Ocean and The-Dream was released. The premise of the video is a face off between protesters and the police. Things immediately turn violent and throughout the entirety of the video they remain that way. This is significant in pop culture as there have been multiple cases of rioters clashing with police within the past decade. In the video, the police are likely representing the government and established power, while the protesters are there to destroy that. The video begins fairly quiet, with no music playing. Only the body a protester holding an unlit Molotov cocktail is shown. Then, as it is lit, the music starts. Fire is shown often in the video, and it is bright and saturated, and it stands out from the dulled colors of the video. The fire is possibly meant to represent the protesters and their efforts to set the police ablaze, or destroy the government. As the first fire is lit, the music begins, and protests start. A tactic used by…show more content…
There are lights everywhere, and for a brief second, a light is flashed into the video, with the silhouettes of protesters faintly visible. It seems as if they are flashing the light into the eyes of the viewer, as if the viewer themselves is the police the protesters are fighting. The video never gives any reasoning to the protests. While most modern protesters tend to be about race and police violence, protesters that are both black and white are shown, equally abused by police. However, they do have a lower class look to them. The police on the other hand, are all shown to be white. This might be indicating that while in the past the power has all been in the hands of white people, in the future lies more integration. Something not shown in the video, out if hundreds of protesters and police, is a single
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