No Control At All By Jack

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This child, lets call him, Jack. With no control at all, Jack was fortunate enough to be born into high-income country, like New Zealand Then there’s, Jill. With the same amount of control as Jack, he added to the total of 10,368 children born into poverty a day. That’s one child, every 1.2 seconds Jack has a 1 in 165 chance of dying before he’s 5. Jill on the other hand is not so lucky and the odds of him reaching his 5th birthday are 1 in 6. Everyone was born into and are living in circumstances that they haven’t chosen, it’s not something we can change, we just have to live with it. It’s something that has a huge impact and often determines the direction of our lives. We can’t choose whether we were born into rich family or a poor family. We can’t choose if we’re black or white, male or female,disabled or not disabled, tall or short, intelligent or not. These are things that don’t fully define who we are but they do often influence how people may see you. Imagine if someone like Kate Sheppard was born into poverty, her fight for women 's rights might not have been prioritised because she had to focus on her own survival. And even if they that did seem important, her education would probably have been very limited. Education for females in some third world countries is frowned upon because they don’t believe in educating women. Or what if Usain Bolt was born with cerebral palsy, affecting the part of the brain that controls legs, we’d have a new world champion sprinter.
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