No Country For Old Men

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Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men has created controversial views on the significance of this novel. This piece involves a drug deal gone wrong when Llewelyn Moss, a veteran, happens to stumble upon three dead bodies, heroine, and a briefcase full of 2 million dollars. Told in different perspectives, the story continues with Moss on the run from a psychopathic killer Anton Chigurh in search of the money while also being tracked down by Sheriff Bell. Critics like James Wood from The New Yorker see this novel as “an unimportant, stripped-down thriller” solely based on the novel’s outer surface . On the other hand, William Cobb from the Houston Chronicle refers to McCarthy as the greatest living writer and that this novel “... has conjured up a heated story that brands the reader 's mind...and this is a novel that must be read and remembered”(Cooper 2). The literary merit of the novel becomes noticeable when looking beyond the thriller perspective. McCarthy’s literary merit in the novel is discrete, which is why it just appears to be a western thriller that many believe has no greater purpose other than an entertaining story. No Country for Old Men is a neo western thriller based on its writing style that divides the story into different perspectives containing elements such as fragmented sentences and untypical dialogue. The novel remains within the context of a 1980’s Texas plot which influences the diction so it can reflect a western atmosphere. Although it contains

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