No Cure For Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease, a disease that affects over 5 million americans nationwide. Causing them to lose their memory and motor skills. These 5 million people taken victim by this disease also have a scary fact to face, there are no ways to completely prevent this disease. There are medicines and mental exercise one can do/take to try to slow the progression of this neuro deterioration, but unfortunately there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s can affect anyone from any background, however, you are more likely to get Alzheimer’s if someone in your family also suffers from it.1 Families of victims taken by Alzheimer’s have begun to prepare themselves for the disease, because while there is no cure, you might as well prepare for what might…show more content…
Had she prepared herself with a hobby, like cooking, she might have still been able to remember her kid’s name when looking at the picture, because the hobby would have remind her of that familial time period. Another aspect of the video that could be changed by giving the patient a hobby, is the attitude of the patient. Being confused for most of your time awake is extremely frustrating, so naturally patients with alzheimer’s can suffer from angry mood swings. Doing relaxing activities such as drawing and knitting reduce stress and stimulate brain activity with the colors and the…show more content…
In the video I chose4, the patient suffering was grumpy and out of it, mostly because it seemed as though she never did much except sit in her room. However, there is a second video5, that shows how much happier and Alzheimer’s patient is when immersed in a hobby. The patient whose hobby is coloring is stimulated by the colors, and is healthily challenged by trying to stay in the lines of the butterfly picture. She is also able to keep a fairly steady conversation, and seems fairly aware of the world around her. The comparison between these two patient videos stresses how greatly having a hobby can affect how someone deals with
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