No Daughter By Sandra Cisneros

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In the essay, “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros, she explains that she has six brothers and she is the only daughter. This relates to me because I am also in a Mexican family, however, I am not the only daughter. Cisneros argues that her father wanted her to get married because that is what daughters were meant to do; that although he agreed on her going to college, it was because he was sure she was going to find a husband. Many Mexican fathers today have this mentality that because they were not able to study, their children are not going to be able to study either and they are going to have to work. However, there are other fathers that because of the fact that they did not obtain the education they desired, the only hope they have is in their children; for the children to be better than them, succeed and become a professional in any area they choose. Cisneros spends a lot of time alone and writes her experience as an only daughter in a family full of sons, which is difficult because her father constantly degrades her and doesn’t value her as a writer. Support and encouragement from a parent is very important because that can help shape a child’s life from a very young age. In effect, Cisneros quotes, “even now my father’s hands are thick and yellow, stubbed by a history of hammer and nails and twine and coils and springs” (368). This reveals that her father did not study as she did so he had to work hard to sustain his family. My father did not study either;
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