No, David ! By David Shannon

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Imagine your child is always testing your limits by performing mischievous actions. The child is coloring on the walls of their bedroom, playing baseball in the house, climbing on the furniture, bringing in dirt from outside, etc. How would you react? With this in mind, No, David! by David Shannon uses the relationship between pictures and words to demonstrate predictable negative comments in words from an adult figure in association to relatable child-like behaviors in pictures. Initially, the cover and title page of the book both play a key role in the layout of the story. On the cover, the artistic style of the illustration looks like a cartoon and a painting. This style is very realistic because of the situation portrayed on the cover; yet playful at the same time because of its comical vibe. The cover also looks three-dimensional and the author seems to be using a straightforward perspective of art. This idea is led be true because the child, wall, and table with the fishbowl are all facing towards the reader. The title is also as large in font as the child and fish bowl are. This shows that the cover is relatively proportional in both text and pictures. As a result, the child on the cover has sharp teeth and an almost evil grin as he is attempting to pick up the fish bowl off of a table that is above his head. Secondly, looking at the fish; their facial expressions show that they are fearful of what is occurring. Both fish have open mouths, as well as eyes and
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