No Discipline by the British Soldiers Created the Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre
On March 5, 1770, colonists were taunting a British sentry outside the Customs House. This was common for a day in colonized America. However, this day was more meaningful than any other before. The British sentry retaliated causing a considerable mob of colonists to get involved. Then some more British came to aid their comrade. Amid the chaos, the British fired their muskets into the crowd killing five and injuring three. This would later be referred to as the Boston Massacre. A lack of discipline by the British Soldiers prompted the Boston Massacre. British presence in America became increasingly unwelcome during the 1700’s. The regime repeatedly became more authoritarian and deprived the colonists of their
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The guard reciprocated the behavior; an unprofessional and ignorant reaction for a soldier. A mob of colonists began to come to their fellow American’s aid. The other British guards saw this happening and came to help out their comrade. Captain Thomas Preston was the commanding officer of the men dispatched to help the guard in front of the house. The crowd was remarkably rowdy and uncontrollable. No one was sure what to do. The soldiers dispatched to the situation were unsure of their orders and rules of engagement. All of a sudden, one soldier fires into the crowd. The rest follow. ("The Boston Massacre"). Samuel Adams cited it as “The Boston Massacre” to gain attention. (Danzer 98). There were eight casualties from the Boston Massacre. Crisppus Attucks, James Caldwell, and Samuel Gray died immediately from the gunshots. Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr died shortly after the incident. Christopher Monk was wounded by the gunfire of British, but died ten years later. Historians disregard Monk as a death of the Boston Massacre because of this ("Boston Massacre Historical Society"). Much controversy surrounds the Boston Massacre. No one is sure why or what caused the soldiers to fire into the crowd. Some people testified that they only saw a mob of people, then the firing of guns. Others say the British fired without provocation. Multiple testimonies have said that they heard Captain Thomas Preston give the order to fire. There are some people who said they
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