No Electronic Theft Act

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No Electronic Theft Act (NET) BIS/220 – Introduction to Computer Application and Systems April 2, 2013 Copyright infringement has become a serious issue in today’s world. Owners of this material lose money every time an image or any material is used illegally. The Internet has brought about more opportunities for someone to steal copyrighted material. An Internet user can simply copy and image, save it, and use it for their own gain while the holder of the copyright of that image gets nothing. This situation was becoming an issue so in 1997 the United States government enacted the No Electronic Theft Act to help stop this from occurring. Description of the Act The No Electronic Theft (NET) Act was enacted on December 16,…show more content…
If the right click did not work they could screen shot a page, drop it in Photoshop or any editing program, and snip out the picture. Pictures were not the main culprit however. Music and movies are big business and people were discovering ways to pirate these without paying for them. Peer sharing of music and movie files were costing studios, record companies, artists, and actors a large amount of money. Sharing these files is easy back in the mid-1990s and even easier today. Whether it be via PTP, e-mail, instant messaging, saving to a CD/DVD, or saving to a flash drive it is easy to give someone a copy of a CD, DVD, or a single song. These advances in technology required something be done to protect copyright holders from infringement. The Act was established for this reason. Conclusion The No Electronic Theft Act was put into place to stop copyright infringement on all forms of electronic media. These infringements cost copyright holders millions of dollars per year. The Act enables prosecution for infringements even if they are not meant for financial gain. Since inception the Act has been used to prosecute both people seeking gain and those who were not. The Act was necessary because of the simplicity of sharing copyrighted materials and people’s willingness to do so. The theft of copyrighted material will likely never end but laws such as NET can help
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