No Escape From The Incessant Dream

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There is no escape from the incessant dream. It encompasses every factor of the modern American lifestyle. It all begins with "The American Dream," in which everyone strives to become part of something bigger then themselves. The obsession, that supposedly defines how happiness can be obtained. But happiness is not, contrary to the beliefs of the American Dreamers, measured on a checklist including 2.5 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, baby blue house in suburbs, white picket fence, 2 car garage, and a perfectly manicured lawn. That image is a facade over the ever-crumbling ash heaps of our world. It is impossible to measure one 's life or happiness on a scale of coffee spoons, cars, or annual income, yet many people continue to plug away like machines for no other reason than to make the money that they honestly believe will bring them true happiness. This idea is everywhere, leaving much of America longing for a life that does not exist and working toward a goal that could never be reached in this lifetime. Madonna Marsden said it best when she stated that, “From Ben Franklin in the 1740’s to Ross Perot in the 1990’s, money means power, status, and respect” (134). For everyone this dream may be different, yet the concept remains unchangeable. Marsden also stated, "With hard work comes achievement, and with achievement comes material comforts of the American Dream and sometimes even great riches and a place in history" (134).
The Presidency of the United States of America is an office
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