No Excuses To Stick To Your Habits By Mark Crabtree

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The article I chose to read for this assignment was in a health magazine. The article title was “5 ‘No Excuses’ Tricks to Stick to Your Workouts. Mark Crabtree, ATC and founder of Ignite Fitness in Naperville, Illinois, says that it’s easy to make an excuse to why you can’t go, or didn’t make it to the gym. “Most of getting to the gym comes down to preparation and habits,” Crabtree adds. The first excuse not showing up was that you always forget to pack your gym bag. People forget stuff all the time, and quite frequently it seems like so one way that that habit can end is by putting sticky notes on your shoes so you remember to check if you have everything or not. Second the excuse was you’re too ravenous by the end of the day. The tips they
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