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Review Questions How does the Russian Federation suffer from its location, physical features, and climate? What is unique about the Transcaucasus area in terms of climate? · The Russian Federation covers a large area (more than 10,000 kilometers east-west and more than 2500 kilometers north-south); it takes a full week to travel by train from St. Petersburg in the west to Vladivostok in the east. Russia is also predominantly northern, with nearly half its territory north of 60 degrees north latitude. Winters are generally long and cold, which keeps most ports and navigable rivers frozen or impassable for many months each year. With few peninsulas and with coastlines that are frozen for most of the year, Russia has…show more content…
Technical production complexes were regional groups of factories based on local resources. Clusters of independent industries developed, such as iron-and-steel complexes or petrochemical complexes. · Industrialization in economically less developed sub-regions: Central Asia and the Transcaucasus were targeted for increased industrialization to make these areas less peripheral within the Soviet Union. · Military security: Secret cities and military-industrial complexes were located in Siberia, both for access to resources and for secrecy. What factors led to the breakup of the Soviet Empire? · By the 1980s, the Soviet system had failed to: (1) meet internal consumer demand; (b) correct regional inequality; (c) maintain confidence in the Soviet system as a viable economic alternative to other forms of development; (d) take advantage of new technologies, especially personal computers for private business use; and (e) limit corruption and overspending on the military. What is the Near Abroad? List significant areas. · The Near Abroad is made up of former republics of the Soviet Union that are now independent and no longer part of the Russian Federation. Examples include the Baltic States, the Transcaucasus States, and the Central Asian States. What challenges currently face the Russian Federation? · It is economically weak and

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