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NO Film Review The film No takes place during the Chilean 1988 plebiscite which was a referendum on whether or not Chile would continue to be rule by Augusto Pinochet (yes vote) or they would transition to a democracy (no vote) .The film follows an advertisement executive called René Saavedra and his contributions to the no campaign with a marketing strategy whilst at the same time focusing on the broader perspectives and events within the Chilean population. These broader perspectives and events are shown by the use of an filming technique to match the quality of film in the late 1980’s that would be available this is put to excellent effect as it allows the film to merge seamlessly with actual footage from the period. The conflict within the population is also shown by people close to René such as his nanny being supporters of…show more content…
The film also takes a look at why René is helping the No campaign with people such as Guzmán remarking that he should be happy as he leaves a good life with lots of expensive things which would not have been possible without Pinochet’s rule whilst at the same time his ex-wife is encouraging him to help the no campaign and his father’s past of being an exile as an example of the regimes effect on everyone. The film ends with the no campaign victorious and Pinochet handing over power to his successor. In conclusion I believe that the film helps portray the political situation in Chile at the time in a very thoughtful and nuanced way showing both sides of the issue and the use of the film techniques help bring an authenticity to the whole production and feel more like a documentary of the time that it could have been if it was shot with a more modern
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