No Good Men Among The Living Analysis

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“No Good Men Among the Living” tells readers about the situation in the Middle East, specifically Afghanistan, but from an unusual perspective. Written by Anand Gopal, a journalist from the United States, it is not common to see a book entailing the other side. That is, the perspective of actual Afghan’s along with a first-hand account of what is was like to be living the “war on terror” from their side. Gopal is careful to make sure that the stories he hears are all true (to the best of his ability) and distills a sense of empathy from the audience. Gopal tells the stories of three individuals in specific: Mullah Cable, Jan Muhammad, and Heela. Each story is as powerful as the others and each story tells a side that the United States often doesn’t hear about. With the tales of these three individuals told, it is hard not to feel a sense of pity and uncertainty about Afghanistan and especially the United States’ role in Afghanistan. With the consensus of entering Afghanistan originally being to stop terrorism, throughout Gopal’s book it seems that the goal, or better yet, the idea of wiping terrorism away had certainly been lost. No longer does it seem that the United States is helping, rather that the U.S. is one of the main problems in the country. The details and facts listed in the book open a…show more content…
The articles almost certainly leave the reader thinking differently about the situation in Afghanistan and there are many important points shown throughout the book that are worth the read. This book should be recommended to anyone who is unsure of what is really going on in Afghanistan, and especially anyone in the United States, who tends to only see the pro-U.S. view of the world happenings. Gopal is successful in portraying the true, inhumane, present-day situations happening in
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