No Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

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In the novel Guns Germs and Steel, an American biologist named Jared Diamond is attempting to answer a question from a New Guinean politician named Yali, in July 1972. Yali asked him: (1)“Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people hat little cargo of our own?” For over thirty years, Diamond was investigating our inferred history for clues, to answer Yali’s question. He published a scientific opinion that explains how geography is to blame for the dispersal of power, as few societies and civilizations inhabiting in the Middle East had access to resources, such as the seeds of highly nutritious crops alike wheat and barley, and useful livestock such as cow and sheep, which others…show more content…
He blamed it on geography, while he never considered the opinions of the civilizations. If a tribe of people would have wanted power, they could have migrated to other areas in the world, depending on their behavior. These societies reinforce my position, because they demonstrate how scientific inferences cannot lead to premature conclusions about the past. I also oppose Diamond’s theory on geography, because he does not visualize the opportunities of the people who inhabited unique or unsuitable territories. (3)The Inca people of South America, for example, resided in their ancient territories for thousands of years, because they found it their “Sacred Land,” because it was where their son of the sun, Manco Capac, found it appropriate to inhabit. Since they had such a great empire, they undoubtedly could have migrated to any foreign land they desired, as they had the skills to construct rafts and labor-transportation technologies. They did not migrate, however, because their lord found it necessary to have sacrifices of people only in the ancient temples near their homeland. As soon as they met a team of European explorers with their superior technology, they were flabbergasted when their entire empire was conquered. They could have had contact with the world by migrating, so they might
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