No Here Nor There By Honore De Balzac

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"Neither here nor there" In the novella "Saracen", published in 1830, Honoré de Balzac shows us the situation Zambinella-someone who can not be categorized as a man or a woman. So this inability to categorize Zambinella leaves him neither here nor there. Balzac course develops this position of "neither here nor there" to show us the benefits and challenges that are placed against people who belong to nowhere. But also, he presents this situation to demonstrate an interesting analysis sociological and how the characters respond to the inability to categorize Zambinella and why the company is so much debate in the absence of rigid boundaries Because Zambinella does not adhere to the categories. stereotypical man or woman, the other…show more content…
be the reason for their hostility to him The reason is simple: they fear Zambinella because it can not be understood The narrator says, "Soon the natural exaggeration to people of high society was born and accumulate the ideas. more pleasant, the most bizarre expressions, the most ridiculous stories about this mysterious character "(1047). Although all we know of his character is that he is" mysterious ", the guests begin to invent stories to make it more transparent Zambinella Guests observe and notice a mysterious and feminine behavior, and saying. "The feminine coquetry of this spooky character was quite aggressively advertised by golden curls that hung from her ears by rings whose admirable jewels sparkled has its ossified fingers, and a watch chain that sparkled like the kittens of a river in the neck of a woman "(1052). However, Zambinella is of extreme importance to the family Lanty and it is perhaps also very rich, "his appearance always caused a great sensation in the Family" (1048) These two opposing traits Zambinella scare has invited the dichotomy and the absence of reconciliation be so strange.. but so important for Lanty family puts Zambinella in the position of "neither here nor there" without knowing that it is a castrato. Thus, this inability to classify Zambinella forces people to examine their insecurities. They internalize Zambinella to their confusion simply because they
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