No Honour Amongst Thieves By Thomas More

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No Honour Amongst Thieves In Thomas More’s “Utopia” the government has a very unconventional way of addressing war; rather than fighting in malicious battles they strive to defeat their opponent through acts of cunning strategy or they hire a mercenary army to deal with trials of war so they don’t have to endure the exposure to blood shed. Although mercenary armies are a powerful tool in warfare and prove to be loyal to their employers, they are also selfish they are notorious for abandoning employers when a better offer comes along regardless of who the offer came from. (Thomas More, TM, Utopia, Third ed. (New York, London: W.W. NORTON & COMPANY), 88) The presence of these soldiers protects the citizens of Utopia from being forced to experience war first hand. Although this makes for peaceful Utopian citizens the risks of betrayal from the mecenery army are very real. Utopian citizens do not take any joy in defeating opponents with brute force. In fact “ they despise war as an activity fit for only beasts.” (More, Utopia, 77) In Utopia equality is of the utmost importance. Without jealousy or greed there is no reason for any violence between citizens. The Utopian society values handwork and intellect and focuses on those attributes to combat wars with other countries. When they get word of an impending attack they begin by offering rewards to their opponents subjects for anyone who is able to kill the king. (Thomas More, TM, Utopia, Third ed. (New York, London: W.W.…

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