No Land 's Man By Aasif Mandvi

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No Land’s Man is an autobiography written in short essays by Aasif Mandvi. He sections off his book, into many important events that happened throughout his life. Mandvi writes about his life as a child all the way through adulthood. Mandvi was born in India and moved to England when he was only a year old. He grew up with his mother, his father, and his younger sister, Shabana. Ever since Mandvi was a child he wanted to be an actor. Culturally, Indian and Muslim parents strive for their children to be successful, with high paying jobs. Mandvi’s parents were supportive of him, but wanted him to be a successful actor. At the beginning of the book he explains how his family and friends reacted to his new future plan; they wanted him to be an…show more content…
This showed that not everyone picked on him, and some of the kids were genuinely nice, and were concerned for him. He continually stayed positive throughout any event that had happened to him, and he learned from it and continued to move forward. Mandvi and his family moved to the United States when he was sixteen years old. When he moved to America, his father strived to fit in, and be a true American. He tried too hard, and Mandvi felt that he was a truer American than his father because he did not try as hard. Mandvi fit in better in America than the other countries he grew up in because he created a new life for himself in America. Mandvi lived in Florida and attended the University of Southern Florida, where he graduated with a degree in Theatre. Mandvi also wrote about his father, and his struggle throughout life. He talks about how he worked hard for the family. His father worked for Verizon, answering the help line. Mandvi wrote a story about his father getting fired for using profanity with a customer. His father was happy to be fired. Although, he was unhappy with his job, he worked hard for his family. Once he was fired he said he was going to grow chili peppers. Mandvi took after his father’s work ethic, and never gave up, and worked
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