No Life for Jews in Poland

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Joseph Sher was born in the small Polish town of Krzepice. Joseph was one of six children in his family, three boys and three girls. His father, Simon, worked as a tailor and his mother, Felicia, spent her time at home taking care of the children and their home.
Joseph’s father was also a secretary to the court dealing with contracts and property. This was a job that not many Jews had, but because Simon was a well educated man and could write in Polish, Russian, and German, he was a qualified person for the job. Simon Sher was a very respected man considering he was Jewish. He specialized in making clothing for priests.
As Joseph tells us, “There was no future for Jews in Poland.” The Jewish people were constantly mistreated in Poland. Many children could not walk home alone because someone would take them and beat them.
In late 1936, the family moved to Czestochowa, Poland. When the German army came in, they made every male Jew from age fifteen and eighty gather in the market. Since the Sher’s lived on the third floor, Joseph hid in the attic.
In the market, all the Jewish men were told to lay face down on the ground. They were not allowed to move and if they did, they were shot. The Nazi’s also shot every tenth or twelfth man just to scare them.
After a short time in Czestochowa, the Sher’s were set apart from everyone else like all the other Jews. They were all forced to move into a ghetto. The Nazi’s burned down the synagogue in front of all the Jews. They were
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