No Longer Just A Member Of The Wedding

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No Longer Just a Member of the Wedding; Grooms Are Taking an Active Role in All Aspects of the Big Day

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BYLINE: Barbara Mathias

Michael Centanni is a man who knows what he wants -- in love, life . . . and his wedding reception. "No videotaping, no bouquet toss and no smashing of cake in the face," he says firmly. And that 's just the beginning. Ever since the day 30-year-old Centanni, a Washington fundraiser, proposed to his true love, 26-year-old Amy Padoll, a Washington attorney, he 's had his fingers in the production of his wedding day, a black-tie affair (something he always wanted) scheduled for November at St. Patrick 's Church in downtown Washington. Like the fact that floral centerpieces at the reception will be replaced by fruit and nuts. "I come from an Italian family," explains Centanni, "and when we sat down to eat with a large group of family, one of the things on the table after dinner was a bowl of fruit and a bowl of nuts, along with all the sweets. The older relatives especially would like that. I want my family to know that we 're not forgetting them and the way things are done. I want them to feel comfortable." Gone are the days when grooms only had to show up for the wedding. That still may be the case for many, but a gradual and steady number of men like Centanni are doing more than selecting the boutonnieres and the…
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