No Longer one of the Boys

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Introduction This critical review will examine and analyze the article No Longer ‘One of the Boys’: Negotiations with Motherhood, as Prospect or Reality, among Women in Engineering written by Gillian Ranson (2005) and published by the CRSA/RCSA. This article provides an overall assessment of the challenges women face in the male dominated field of engineering. Specifically, it addresses how women handle the stresses of being engineers and mothers. This critical review will analyze the content of the article, explore the strengths and weaknesses, critique the methodology and consider what could have been done differently. Summary In brief, this article presents a view that women in engineering must enter the field as “conceptual men”.…show more content…
The type of methodology used is face-to-face interviewing. Ranson (2005) interviews 37 women who are engineers (p. 145). The interviews give the reader real life examples while backing up the author’s argument. One of the interviewees, Sally, goes on to explain how she is successful in her career because of not having children (Ranson, 2005, p. 152). This reflects the idea in the book Lean In. As stated in lecture, women prevent themselves from advancing in their careers by not “leaning in” (Jovanovic, 2014). This prevents them from moving forward in their career and not being as financially successful as they can be. Sally demonstrated that she “leaned into” her career by not having children which allowed her to be successful. On the other hand, Ranson (2005) also offers interviews with female engineers who are mothers. In brief summary, most mothers found a balance between motherhood and work (Ranson, 2005, p. 162). Although this is the case for the majority, five of the women did not continue with being full time engineers (Ranson, 2005, p. 158). This touches upon the concept of the feminine mistake. As stated in lecture, there is a financial penalty for women who choose to stay at home. This article fails to mention the financial penalty these women face and the outcome. According to lecture, the outcome is that if they go through a divorce or become a widow,
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