No Man Should Have All That Power

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Question 1 “No man should have all that power; you got the power to let power go.” This quote comes from rapper Kanye West, sung during his hit song Power. Although West is far from being a positive influence on American history, he makes a valid point. If history has shown the world anything it is that power can lead to an infinite amount of negative outcomes: greed, corruption, dishonesty, exploitation and so on. And while the writers of the U.S. constitution did their best to prevent the threats of power from overtaking the country’s leaders, states like Texas have brought it into their owns hands to even further prevent power from effecting their state’s politicians. By developing the plural executive, state governments have been able…show more content…
And finally the power of appointment which enables the governor to exercise patronage.” (Champagne). However, if the governor is ever unable to act upon his duties, the responsibility falls to the lieutenant governor. “The Lieutenant Governor performs the duties of the Governor during any period that the Governor is unable or is absent from the State. He is also the President of the Senate and is empowered to cast the deciding vote in the event the Senate is equally divided on any question” (Combs). Both the governor and lieutenant governor share significant powers, however the branch would be incomplete without the remaining members of the plural executive. Yet another integral member of the state’s executive branch is the Comptroller of Public Accounts. “The Comptroller is generally responsible for maintaining the accounting records of the State and collecting taxes and other revenues due to the State. Also, the Comptroller is required by statute to prepare an annual statement of the funds of the State and of the State’s revenues and expenditures for the preceding fiscal year” (Combs). The next position is the Commissioner of the General Land Office. “The Commissioner is generally responsible for
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