No Marriage Is Free Of Conflict

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No marriage is free of conflict. Things can happen over the course of a marriage triggering couples to change physically, mentally and emotionally leading to the conclusion the marriage is over. Unless there is an improvement in the relationship approximately 40 to 50 percent of first marriages and 60 percent of second marriages will end in separation or divorce in the United States (Hawkins & Fackrell, 2009 p. 41). Before this process is final couples seeking a contested divorce should consider divorce mediation the most common dispute resolution.
Divorce mediation is a process when divorcing couple sit down with the help of a third party known as a mediator. Mediators can be lawyers, mental health professionals, clergy and other professionals who have been trained in alternative resolution techniques to help couples identify and resolve their issues (Duskow, 2015). Mediators are not a substitute for a lawyer and cannot give couples any legal advice. The mediators main role is to be the facilitator and to help couples effectively communicate and reach an agreement while the lawyer’s role is to protect their clients legal rights (Doskow, 2015). Most couples may be unfamiliar with mediators and how to find one. The internet is a good place to start by searching websites like; and for referrals. Also, they should contact a national organization or family law organization like the Association for Conflict Resolution
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