No Matter If You 're Reading

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No matter if you’re reading a series of novels or a one paragraph story, a story isn’t able to be story without the elements of style, tone, and point of view. These elements are crucial for a story to be legitimate. Sometimes the elements can be effortlessly found and other times the story requires its audience to analyze the story in a much deeper sense. The short stories; "Boys" by Rick Moody, "Girl" by Jamaica Kinkaid, and "Lust" by Susan Minot all compose these elements, some of the elements from the story are shown in a corresponding way and some in a uniquely exclusive way. The first line reads “Boys enter the house” the last reads “Boys No longer Boys, exit”. “Boys” by Rick Moody follows the process of two infant boys maturing into men. By reading this story the audience is able to visually see every experience, every action, and every emotion the boys go through. The Narrator of “Boys” is someone who has been with the boys throughout their entire lives; the story is being told from the mother’s point of view. The style Moody uses to write the story is a continuous train of thoughts; the story is narrated thoughts step by step, one after another, all packed into one large paragraph. The word “Boys” is repetitive throughout the story; it’s used at the beginning of almost every line. The Tone is ever changing; In the beginning everything is in a happy and perfect place, but as the boys grow older their faced with trouble and problems each one having an impact on…

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