No More Excuses For Death Penalty Abolishment. Please Assume

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No More Excuses for Death Penalty Abolishment
Please assume that your child beat someone because of his angry. Would you punch him to avoid his violent behaviors next time? Although most of the people tend to answer “No,” the answer unbelievably becomes “Yes” when the topic changes to capital punishment. Over decades, advocates of death penalty persist that the “an eye for an eye” rule is justice and have misperception it effectively deters crimes. However, according to the statistic and logical analysis, the death penalty should be eliminated as soon as possible, because it fails whether to be merciful to protect innocent people or to be harsh to deter crimes or as a suitable punishment.
To Be Merciful
The law is set up to protect the
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As Johnson has suggested, “Capital punishment in the United States is administered in an economically discriminatory way...It is always ‘you get what you pay for’ rule.” (2001) Consequently, on the one hand, those indigent defendants cannot afford to hire accomplished lawyers. On the other hand, even though the Supreme Court provide a court-appointed attorney for those people, the compensation is not high enough to entice or hire excellent defense attorneys for those people. In some cases, lawyers are indifferent about the cases or even be drunken during the trial. Innocent People on Death Row
The issue exists and is worse than people think. For the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, in 2004, he was executed in Texas for the murder of his three children by setting fire to his home. However, recently, the Texas Forensic Science Commission pointed out that the scientifically invalidity of the key arson evidence used in the investigation. He was possibly executed for an accidental fire (Grann, 2009). There is another case about Frank Lee Smith. He was sentenced to death in Florida on the testimony of a single witness with no physical evidence he did the murder and rape. Although DNA tests later show he was innocent and the witness later realized she had made a mistake, he was, unfortunately, died of cancer in prison on January 30, 2000, before he was exonerated (Innocence Project).
Based on the statistic, the

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