No More Gun Control Needed

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No More Gun Control Needed The debate of whether or not the government should ban the sell of guns, and attempt to remove all guns in existence has been debated for a long period of time; I believe that banning guns is not only implausible, it will do more harm than good. In this essay, I’ll be discussing the history of this debate, as well as discuss some misinformation that’s been proposed by those wishing to ban guns. I’ll also discuss how guns do not turn ordinary, law abiding citizens into killers, and how owning guns can effectively help protect yourself, your family, and your home while decreasing casualties and crime. The debate for gun control isn’t a new one; you hear more and more buzz about it every time a tragedy occurs, and it’s all over the news discussing what the president should do about gun control. However, this has been an ongoing debate for quite a long time. In an essay titled “The Great Gun Control War Of The Twentieth Century – And It’s Lessons For Gun Laws Today”, author Kopel. D.B writes how the debate for gun control began in the 1920’s, before the civil war even started. He was quoted, saying “Often, the battles were a clash of absolutes: One side contended that there was absolutely no rights to arms, that defensive gun ownership must be prohibited, and that gun ownership for sporting purposes could be, at most, allowed as a very limited priveledge. The other side asserted that the right to arms was absolute, and that any gun control laws

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