No More Hate

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Leaving the room and the distant chatter, he knew it was around midnight, he had to go home; he had mid-terms in the morning. Still, his friends beckoned him to take another hit before he left, so he did, walking back towards the back bedroom filled with rank smoke, and took the shortened blunt from his best friend's, Mitchell, hand. Taking a few quick puffs he looked around the room and burst into laughter with the rest, not knowing what was so funny and turned on his heel leaving the room walking down the hall, a couple girls passing him only in their bras looking as high as he did as he passed the hall mirror. Opening the front door and walking down the dark street, the lamps not illuminating the asphalt for the night just yet. He…show more content…
A rough and tough type of guy showed up first and yanked him to his feet, barking, "this is not how a man acts, you take responsibility and you call the authorities, you don't sit here and cower like a little school girl!" After a couple minutes of the berating, another police officer, a woman, showed up and told him to lay off and as the male police officer surveyed the crime scene the female took him outside giving him a bottle of water. He wouldn't lie, he was pretty shaken up and told them exactly how it all went down, leaving out that he was high, because they could see that for themselves. It couldn't of been more than thirty minutes, but it felt like hours before they finally put him in the back of the vehicle and turned off his road, taking him down to the precinct for questioning. Watching out the back window, in forward facing cuffs for the cops protection he saw the lights turn colors, the colors mixing in his mind and he rested his head against the back of the seat passing out. He awoke what seemed like seconds later to the female police officer talking into her dispatch radio as the male officer, which he nicknamed Brutus since he acted tough when he really wasn't; he was taller than Brutus, undid his seatbelt

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