No More Insufficient Care for Life-Threatened Patients Due to ATLS

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According to the National Trauma Institute, trauma accidents account for 42 million emergency department visits. Fortunately, patients today are quickly assessed and receive proper treatment in a rapid amount of time due to a program called ATLS or advanced trauma life support. ATLS provides a safe method for immediate treatment of injured patients using concepts of primary and secondary survey and prioritizing skills that help patients for a better chance of survival. ATLS is a course that is taught worldwide and first formed due to a tragic accident that occurred in the past. In February 1976, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jim Styner, crashed his small plane in a rural area located in Nebraska. During the incident, his wife died instantly, …show more content…

In order to become a physician, one must take the course and be certified by the American College of Surgeons committee. Certification is active for four years and should be renewed every four years. Alongside certification, the course itself is also revised every four years to adapt and keep up with the changes in the healthcare industry. Aside from physicians, there are other medical personnel that may take the course as well such as registered nurses, physician’s assistants and SA’s. The first step in an ATLS course is preparation. In order to successfully treat trauma patients, two phases need to occur: a prehospital phase and a hospital phase. Prehospital phase allows the physician to coordinate with medical personnel in order to fasten treatment and inform the receiving hospital earlier to allow the trauma team to get to work. Hospital phase allows advance planning to occur and lets the hospital prepare a resuscitation area, proper airway equipment and a trauma team. This preparation is important and benefits the team and the patient by saving time. Next in the course is learning how to properly triage patients. The word “triage” is a french word meaning “to sort”. According to the ATLS course, sorting patients is determined by the need for treatment and available resources. If there are

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