No More Miss America By Robin Morgan Essay

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Many radical feminist groups such as the New York Radical Women group (NYRF) gathered together as The Women Liberation Movement to protest against the deep-rooted conception of a “traditional woman” in the United States during the Second Wave Feminism (1960s-1990s). The Women Liberation Movement was a demonstration of challenging society’s common sense, or hegemony, which was nurtured by the dominant ideology which in this case was a gender hierarchy where men were believed to be superior to women. The primary source “No More Miss America” by Robin Morgan describes her experiences as a participant of the NYRF protesting against the Miss American Pageant in Atlantic City on September 7th 1968. The NYRF group discussed ten points of how the Miss American Pageant promoted the “traditional woman” stereotype based on racial beauty standards, submissiveness, and inferiority to men. The NYRF protest critiqued both the representation side of the behavioral expectation of “traditional women” as well as the structural side of the obstacles that women faced within social institutions such as labor and educational opportunities. With the representative side “traditional women” promoted by the Miss American Pageant, it reinforced women’s submissive and sexist inferiority and racial beauty criteria within the structural side to be approval by men. However, there was intersectionality in the structural obstacles and representation side extending the social discrimination based on
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