No More Sexual Assault For Prisoners

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No more sexual assault for prisoners

Sexual abuse has always been a major issue in prisons, and especially in prisons of the United States, because of the diversity of its body. Lots of people only pay attention and care about cases of sexual assault outside of prisons. Inmates are also humans and the problem of sexual violation in jails should be as primary as outside of them, because people suffering from sexual assault are prone to be depressed or become mentally unstable. There are different explanations for people to commit the act of sexul assault, the roots of which are coming from sexual desire, depression, anger or prison traditions. There are also many ways to prevent sexual assault in prisons, like allowing inmates to express sexuality or using the method of separation. The method for preventing the sexual assault depends on its background, because the issue of the different type requires a different solution. Prisoners are often violated not only by other inmates, but sometimes by correctional staff members. It is dehumanizing for letting prisoners to be sexually assaulted in jails, thus the society needs to create the list of actions in order to prevent sexual violation among inmates. Understanding the reasons behind the sexual assault among the prisoners, like racial difference or difference in sexuality can help in finding the best solutions. It is almost a commonly known fact that people get sexually violated in prisons for different reasons (Guerrero,…
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