No More Sexual Assault For Prisoners

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No more sexual assault for prisoners

Sexual abuse has always been a major issue in prisons, and especially in prisons of the United States, because of the diversity of its body. Lots of people only pay attention and care about cases of sexual assault outside of prisons. Inmates are also humans and the problem of sexual violation in jails should be as primary as outside of them, because people suffering from sexual assault are prone to be depressed or become mentally unstable. There are different explanations for people to commit the act of sexul assault, the roots of which are coming from sexual desire, depression, anger or prison traditions. There are also many ways to prevent sexual assault in prisons, like allowing inmates to express
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465). Since it has always been a big issue for the society, there were various methods used in order to try to prevent it. Clearly they are not properly working, because it remains to be today’s issue (Struckman-Johnson, 201, p. 430).
Enmity between prisoners of different races, sexuality or social class exists in jails, so due to these factors the method of classification would be a good way to reduce the rate of sexual assault in prisons. In the first place, such phenomenon as racism has always been a big issue in prisons and people of locally dominant race would sexually assault minorities or weaker people. Mostly prisoners in the US are divided into 3 different racial groups, which are Whites, African Americans and Hispanic (Wolff, 2008, p.468). Moreover, crime is correlated to poverty and poverty is often correlated to race, thus due to the fact of lacking education and poverty, the majority of inmates are African Americans (Wolff, 2008, p.451). Among inmates of different races, whites tend to experience more cases of sexual assault in jails than anybody else, especially from black people (Wolff, 2008, p.468). Specifically according to Wolff, 75% of cases of sexual assaults happen between white victims and black predators (Wolff, 2008, p.468). With this in mind, it can be said that being white is one of the reasons to be sexually assaulted in prison (Wolff,
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