No News From Auschwitz

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Rosenthal, A.M. "No News from Auschwitz.pdf." Google Docs. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Jan. 2017. “No News From Auschwitz” is about the horrors that occurred at auschwitz that no one will ever be able to forget. In this story the reader is follow a group of tourist through a tour of auschwitz. The narrator tells us how the people there are embarrased and frozen with horror when they see the remains of the camp. The people are silent and have no words for the awful things they see, but still have no idea what it was really like for the people in the camps. When in their tour they hurry to get it over with because of how uncomfortable and scary it is. Iyer, Pico. "The Unknown Rebel." Time. Time Inc., 13 Apr. 1998. Web. 05 Jan. 2017. “The Unknown Rebel” is about a man who stood up against violence, risking his life for what he believed in. in this story, the streets in china were invaded by tanks and the people of Tiananmen Square did not know what to do. One man, who remains unknown still, went up and stood before the tanks risking his life to try to stop the violence. The other citizens tried to stop him from going into the streets, but he went anyway to tell the people in the tanks to stop the violence and that they were ruining his city. Today this unknown man is a hero, and he died trying to stand up against the violence, trying to maintain the…show more content…
In this story there was a plane crash, and when help arrived a rope was ladder was passed down for the survivors to climb onto. The man in the water let all of the other people onto the ladder before him even though it meant that he would die. The man in the water knew that not getting on the ladder would mean he would die, but he continued to let people on the ladder. This man did end up dying but he saved the lives of many other people, and now he is another unknown hero who saved so many
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