No One In Government Pays The Slightest Attention To The

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No one in government pays the slightest attention to the root of the undocumented immigrants complaints and demands. None of the present reform efforts in Congress is relevant to or addresses the true cause of these immigrants claims for legal rights as other Americans. Consider you were walking home at night. A pickpocket, suddenly, jumps on your front with a gun pointed at you and demands your valet. Unwillingly, you surrender your valet and he lets you go. The valet contained all the money you owned. You hide in a corner and follow him to his resident. You know you cannot face him openly to get your valet back. You try to find a way to get in the house attempting to retrieve your valet or take some of his belongings in return. He…show more content…
citizens. This responsibility comes from the U.S. government 's bloody hands in establishing influence and dominance in their native country in order to sustain stability and security for the operation of the U.S. corporate entities who ravaged the nation 's resources and wealth, subjugated its working class and suppressed its people through a dictatorial government under American protection. For example consider the power and influence of the American Fruit Company in Central and South America established and operated for decades at the cost of tens of thousands lives of innocent citizens whose only crime was to have control over their own land and national resources. The history is well illustrative of the American direct or indirect and often bloody suppression in countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. In some of these countries the U.S. military operation had amounted to the level of genocide such as Vietnam where 2 to 4 million human lives were destroyed including total population of many villages; Indonesia, where by the help of the U.S. government the socialist government of Sukarno was overthrown and replaced by that of Suharto who slaughtered about
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