No One Is Born Gay Or Straight, By Jane Ward

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According to the article “No One Is Born Gay or Straight,” issues arose about how people are gay through genetics. Some of the members from the Human Rights Campaign arguably told Herman Cain that being gay is not a choice. The advocacy group wants people to realize that sexual orientation can be affected in other ways. For instance, Cynthia Nixon commented that she decided to have relationships with women, but when the advocacy groups started to pressure her, she changed her statement and said that she was probably born with other sexual desires. Researchers tend to believe that science can prove that biological factors play a role in gayness. However, Jane Ward reviewed the study of researchers form UC Berkley, who conducted a study on women who have masculine hand structure, which indicates to them that changes their sexual orientation. There are women who are masculine that are heterosexuals, so she found a flaw in the study. Sexual orientation can be very biased, and people should not believe in just one causation factor but look into other contributing factors as well.
Course Relevance Chapter 5 discusses about researchers who found two theoretical approaches that involve sexual orientation among men and women. Neurohormonal theory states that homosexuality is caused by atypical sex hormone levels in utero. Some studies implied that there are specific centers in the brain that connects to sexual orientation and behavior. The second theory is dealing with behavioral…
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