No One Is Here Except All Of Us

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Ramona Ausubel’s first novel, No One is Here Except All of Us, follows the lives of the inhabitants of a small Romanian village, Zalischik. Ausubel’s grandmother and great grandmother were born in this village on the edge of the Carpathian Mountains, and she grew up hearing the stories of her great grandmother’s life and her journey to America. Before writing, Ausubel flew to New York to interview her grandmother in order to gather as much information on their family as she could. She had always viewed the stories as fables, and they gave shape to much of the plot. The protagonist, Lena, was inspired by Ausubel’s great grandmother. True to the story, Ausubel’s great grandmother was sent to live with her rich, childless aunt and uncle. She got married, had children, and eventually fled the village with her family after her husband was captured by soldiers during the first World War. Surviving off of tree bark and stolen potatoes, they wandered the countryside for months until she eventually boarded a ship bound for New York. Having lost one child along the way, Ausubel’s grandmother carried her remaining child, a bag of down feathers, and her story, with her.
When the villagers are gathered for Sabbath, young Lena sees a plane fly overhead, followed by an explosion. The villagers’ fears that war was on the horizon have come true, and they become panicked by the thought of death. A stranger washes up on the shore of the river, and she suggests that they begin their world

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